QLD Government considers opening up land for development

Property Council Queensland executive director Chris Mountford. Picture: Annette Dew

A City Deal could pave the way for government-owned land to be opened for development, as all levels of government work to deliver a “better” future for southeast Queensland.

The State Government and the Council of Mayors released Transforming SEQ on February 12, highlighting the need for a partnership between all levels of government to deliver a better future for one of Australia’s fastest growing regions.

Property Council Queensland executive director Chris Mountford says TransformingSEQ endorses many proposals prompted by the Property Council.

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“The development of Growth Infrastructure Compacts, has been flagged as a method of spelling out clear infrastructure delivery expectations for the community in line with population growth,” Mountford says.

Cross River Rail will move southeast Queensland towards being a 45-minute region.

“It could be a 30-year agreement addressing all classes of infrastructure that are foreseen to be needed by a community, along with a ‘trigger’ for when that infrastructure will be delivered.

“Opening up under-utilised government-owned land for development has also been agreed as a clear opportunity to unlock economic activity, create jobs and build business confidence.”

Deputy Premier and Treasurer Jackie Trad says Transforming QLD puts connectivity, liveability and jobs first.

“SEQ is growing and changing and we know that we have to work together to maintain the great lifestyle that makes this community special,” Trad says.

“We have so much untapped potential, which is why we want to ensure growth makes our region better, not just bigger.”

Queensland Deputy Premier and Treasurer, Jackie Trad. Picture: Darren England

Trad says she is glad the Federal Government has finally indicated their support from the City Deal, as they needed the commitment formalised.

TransformingSEQ highlights 35 opportunities that could be considered as part of a future City Deal, including six game changers for the region:

1. Build on Cross River Rail and Brisbane Metro to move southeast Queensland towards a 45-minute region by delivering the next wave of rail and metro projects to connect our key activity and growth centres.

2. Supercharge an southeast Queensland trade and enterprise spine between the Toowoomba Trade Gateway and the Australia TradeCoast by connecting inland rail to the Port of Brisbane and unlocking new jobs in the southwest and western growth areas.

The Sunshine Coast submarine cable announcement has generated more than 80 leads from the announcement and marketing campaign since September 7.

3. Ignite our nationally significant innovation precincts to deliver more high-value, knowledge-intensive jobs through enabling-infrastructure and a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

4. Establish southeast Queensland as Australia’s leading Smart Digital Region by leveraging the new international broadband submarine cable to deliver a Digital Trade Hub and taking a region-wide approach to data and digital connectivity.

5. Deliver and secure better recreational spaces and landscapes for our growing region, including through a new tripartite Liveability Fund to co-invest in critical blue and green infrastructure.

6. Deliver greater coordination and collaboration between federal, state and local governments, including a new tripartite Regional Coordination Board to support strategic governance for the region.

This article from the Courier Mail originally appeared as “The State Government and the Council of Mayors are looking at ways to open up government land for development”.