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Are they buildings or forests?
Here’s one way to offset a hotel and office building’s carbon emissions: stick 3600 plants, trees and shrubs on the sides of it. A new Hyatt Hotel and neighbouring office tower in Nanjing, China, will feature walls of …
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Paws to check out this cat ‘hotel’
Hotels featuring tiny ‘pods’ or ‘capsules’ are hardly a new phenomenon anymore. But pod hotels for cats? The Nekoya Cat Hotel in Singapore offers small spaces for feline friends and bills itself as the country’s “first …
Inspiration & Style
LinkedIn’s very unique Sydney office feature
When employment networking behemoth LinkedIn created its new office in Sydney, it had one very unique requirement.
Inspiration & Style
What’s lighting our shopping centres?
Illuminating a shopping centre in 2017 is a far cry from the old days of screwing in some bulbs and going to town with a few thousand cheap and nasty fluorescent tubes.
Inspiration & Style
Giant Rubik’s Cube at home amongst vines
Confused about why this Rubik’s Cube-shaped building is being built smack bang in the middle of a winery?
Inspiration & Style
A peek at the stunning Apple Park
As far as inspirational workspaces and designs go, tech giant Apple’s new Apple Park in California might have just lifted the bar beyond anything the world has seen before.
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Reinventing the humble shipping container
You might see a utilitarian metal box, but Anatoly Mezhov and Irene Polo see a blank canvas ready to be transformed into a restaurant, a very unique office space, or even a portable hotel room.
Inspiration & Style
Valentine’s Day windows we love
It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. Or, in the case of these shops, love is well and truly in the window. Here are some of the beautiful Valentine’s Day displays currently gracing retail windows around the world.
Inspiration & Style
Brisbane timber tower to be Australia’s tallest
A 10-storey office tower to be built predominantly from wood in Brisbane is set to become the tallest engineered timber building in Australia.
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