The ‘Big Potato’ could be yours

The Big Potato at Roberston in New South Wales. Picture: Celcom at English Wikipedia.

It might not be the most glamorous of Australia’s “big” tourist attractions, but the ‘Big Potato’ still holds its own when it comes to drawing visitors from far and wide.

And now you can buy the unique New South Wales roadside attraction, which is for sale along with its neighbouring business.

The Southern Highland News reports current owners Neil and Heather Tait are selling the land that is home to the ‘Big Potato’, at Robertson, south-west of Wollongong, as a handy kicker for those interested in buying their grocery store next door.

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The Taits have owned their Family Grocer for 27 years and reportedly bought the neighbouring land – which houses the ‘Big Potato’ – four years ago to put the brakes on a rival grocer, which intended to open nearby and buy the ‘Big Potato’ land to use it as a car park.

And according to reports, they’ve already knocked back two offers to buy the ‘Big Potato’ this time around because they’ll only sell their shop and the land as a package.

The ‘Big Potato’ was built in the 1970s by local potato farmer Jim Mauger, as a tribute to the vegetable that has been a staple of the local farming community for decades.

The quirky tourist attraction isn’t Robertson’s only claim to fame, either. It is also where popular 1995 movie Babe was filmed.