Valentine’s Day windows we love

The Tiffany & Co. Valentine’s Day window display in New York. Picture: Instagram.
The Tiffany & Co. Valentine’s Day window display in New York. Picture: Instagram.

It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. Or, in the case of these shops, love is most certainly in the window.

Here are some of the beautiful Valentine’s Day displays currently gracing retail windows around the world.

Tiffany & Co., New York

There might be no love lost amongst shoppers who have to contend with the overbearing security outside Tiffany & Co.’s New York flagship store, with the outlet still affected by the police presence at Trump Tower, but it’s a different story inside, where it’s all about love.

Two dinosaur skeletons exchanging gifts form the centrepiece of the famous store’s window display, which sets the standard for Valentine’s Day displays the world over.

Kate’s Kitchen, Ireland

Little Irish grocer Kate’s Kitchen in Sligo put together a simple yet stunningly effective display just in time for the big day.

Kissy, kissy, smoochy, smoochy… #thebestofeverything #valentineswindow #gifts #noshiftinallowedontheshopfloor

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Laduree bakery, Rome

If you want to celebrate Valentines Day with a trip to luxury French bakery Laduree in Rome, your choices are macaroons … and macaroons.

And you’d better like pink, too, though you can’t deny its mouth-watering appeal, though.

Floral Expressions, Wisconsin

Chilly Wisconsin isn’t a place you’d normally associate with floral beauty during February, but local florist Floral Expressions produced a truly stunning display in the lead-up to Valentines Day.

Seven Hairdressing, UK

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without roses, and Carshalton hairdresser Seven Hairdressing had more than their share of red blooms in a heart-shaped display put together by Boutique Blooms.

Freed of London, London

No prizes for guessing what this shop sells.

Dance footwear and apparel store Freed of London made brilliant use of it’s wares with this Valentine’s-themed arrangement of ballet flats.

Because it's February. And because I'm seeing @matthewbourne13 's @mbnewadventures 'The Red Shoes' in a couple of weeks – here's a heart made up of red ballet shoes in the window of @freedoflondon . With reflections (unfortunately)… 👠❤ 🎭#vickypage #theredshoes #theredshoesballet #redballetshoes #redshoes #balletshoes #pointeshoes #takeofftheredshoes #putonyourredshoes #putonyourredshoesanddancetheblues #rubyslippers #balletshoesheart #freedoflondon #stmartinslane #trafalgarsquare #leicestersquare #quirkylondon #shopwindow #shopwindows #windowdecor #windowdisplay #windowdisplays #windowdressing #valentinesdisplay #valentinedisplay #valentinewindow #valentineswindow #igerslondon #londonlife #redheart

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