Spend the night at the real Downton Abbey for just $275

This is your chance to find out what Highclere Castle is really like inside. Picture: iStock

Fans of Downton Abbey will be able to stay at Highclere Castle, the filming location for the show, for the first time ever.

Even better, the incredible experience includes cocktails in the saloon before a three-course dinner in the famous dining room.

The one-night-only experience has been made available to celebrate the launch of the new Downton Abbey film, according to The Sun.

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Only one lucky couple will be able to book the stay at the estate — located 8km south of Newbury in Berkshire — on November 26, which will cost £150 ($275).

They will get treated like royalty during their stay, which starts with cocktails in the saloon — just as the Crawley family enjoys in the hit show.

You could be kicking up your heels right here. Picture: Supplied

And discover your inner Tom Branson.

It will then be followed by a traditional three-course dinner in the State Dining Room.

While you won’t meet Carson, the dinner service will be overseen by the castle’s butler.

Afterwards, you will enjoy coffee in the Library.

Guests will even sleep in one of the grand bedrooms inside the historic property, although the organisers haven’t revealed which one yet.

In the morning, you will enjoy a delicious breakfast before exploring Highclere Castle’s extensive grounds.

Striking from every angle. Picture: Istock

Dinner could be served in the State Dining Room for you. Picture: Supplied

The giant estate includes 5,000 acres of land and members of the public can explore the castle and gardens during certain periods of the year.

The historic 11-bed manor comes with servant quarters and room for entertaining the upper classes.

Much of the exterior shots of Downton Abbey and most of the interiors are filmed at Highclere Castle.

However, the kitchen, servants’ quarters and working areas, and some of the ‘upstairs’ bedrooms were constructed and filmed at Ealing Studios.

Although members of the public have never been allowed to stay in the castle before, Highclere hosted Christmas dinner there last year.

This article originally appeared in The Sun and is republished here with permission.

This article from The Daily Telegraph originally appeared as “You can stay at the real Downton Abbey home, Highclere Castle, for just $275″.