Rock into an Abbotsford warehouse with AC/DC tribute

47 Russell St, Abbotsford is for sale with a Malcolm Young tribute.
47 Russell St, Abbotsford is for sale with a Malcolm Young tribute.

A brand new warehouse in an industrial pocket of Abbotsford is set to leave buyers thunderstruck with its tribute to AC/DC.

The three-level office and showroom, which is for sale with a $3.95 million asking price, has a billboard-sized dedication to the band’s guitarist Malcolm Young on its Russell St facade.

The high voltage mural was painted across the top floor windows of the recently-completed building at No. 47 by internationally acclaimed artist David Bowers.

It displays a portrait of the rock star, his electric guitar and the blue singlet he frequently wore when performing.

The mural can be seen from inside the building too.

AC/DC’s Malcolm Young often wore the blue singlet in the painting. Picture: Charles Brewer

A blue sewing machine is also pictured as a testament to how Malcolm and his brother, bandmate Angus, discovered the name for their band.

The bright orange painting is also visible from inside the top floor of the building.

Bowers painted it as a tribute to Young, who died in 2017. The contemporary Geelong-born artist has won awards for his pop art style, which has been displayed in exhibitions across the world.

There’s plenty of detail in the bright tribute.

The showroom and warehouse can be bought or  leased.

Gray Johnston director Brett Simpson said the brand new building was “ultra-modern”.

“This building assumed its landmark creative status from the facade, which has the respectfully painted tribute to Malcolm Young,” Simpson says.

Artist David Bowers was commissioned for the painting.

“It’s effectively ready to occupy now with minimal need for ongoing investment.”

The warehouse can be bought or leased for $175,000 annually.

This article from the Herald Sun originally appeared as “AC/DC mural Abbotsford: warehouse has rock star power”.