North Melbourne champion joins Geelong rural real estate office

Former AFL player Anthony Stevens has joined Elders’ Geelong team as a rural real estate agent.
Former AFL player Anthony Stevens has joined Elders’ Geelong team as a rural real estate agent.

Former North Melbourne champion Anthony Stevens knows he has big shoes to fill at Elders’ Geelong real estate office.

But the dual premiership star’s agricultural background stemming from his childhood home on a Western District farm is an advantage.

Stevens has joined Elders’ Geelong rural real estate team after long-time agent Ken Drysdale died in late 2019.

“I’ve been working out of the Melbourne office for the past three years and now I’ve transferred down here and my main focus is continuing the legacy that Ken left,” Stevens says.

“I’m excited actually and I see a lot of upside here as well.

“Dealing with farmers far and wide in Victoria, southern New South Wales and Tasmania, the biggest thing from a broadacre or agricultural side of things is rainfall and soils. That’s an asset from Geelong pushing back into the Western District,” he says.

“It’s a blue chip area from a broadacre point of view.”

Stevens during his AFL playing days.

Geelong’s schools, proximity to Melbourne’s CBD and plans for a fast train connecting to the capital elevated the lifestyle opportunities, he says.

But Stevens says he thinks land is a little under-valued in comparison to West Gippsland, which is closer to the Mornington Peninsula.

Stevens was born at Skipton, where his Dad and brothers ran a property at Bradvale.

His aunt Bev still lives at Skipton, while his mum’s family is at Clarendon, near Ballarat.

From age 12, the family moved to the Goulburn Valley, where his parents worked a dryland cropping farm at Tungamah, then a dairy farm at Waaia.

“I pretty much grew up on the dairy farm,” he says.

Stevens and his father have been running cattle on a number of properties.

Long-time Elders, Geelong agent Ken Drysdale died late last year.

“We’ve downsized it now, but essentially my aim is to get a farm on the outskirts of Geelong and have it as a bit of lifestyle property and work a few cows,” he says.

“I’ve got limousin cows at the moment, we only have three but we had up to 20 to 40 breeders there at stages.”

Stevens played 292 games for North Melbourne and was a member of the Kangaroos’ 1996 and 1999 premiership teams.

He says Elders team-oriented workplace suits his nature.

“Just one thing I noticed is the legacy that Ken has left here. It hasn’t surprised me one but that there’s a lot of loyalty to Elders through Ken,” Stevens says.

“The one thing that Ken built over the years was trust and respect. That’s an area that I look to continue, being a farmer and I suppose from a football perspective, playing 16 years at North in a team environment.”

Elders Geelong manager Julian Prendergast says Stevens impressed when he approached him about the Geelong job.

This article from The Geelong Advertiser originally appeared as “Roos champ Anthony Stevens joins Elders as Geelong rural real estate agent”.