Gurner’s health club finds a latest perch in Larry Kestelman’s tower

Supplied Editorial Tim Gurner (r) and Larry Kestelman (l) at the site of the new private club, Saint Haven, in Toorak

L-R: Tim Gurner and Larry Kestelman at a new Saint Haven site in Melbourne.

When Melbourne’s most flamboyant luxury property developer planned to open an exclusive club offering services ranging from hyperbaric oxygen chambers to anti-ageing technologies, there was little doubt he would eventually land on Melbourne’s South Yarra as the ideal destination.

Now, luxury developer Tim Gurner is betting residents of the exclusive enclave will be enthusiastic converts to the latest branch of the soon to open Saint Haven club.

Mr Gurner, buoyed by the success of his first health club in Collingwood, says the latest branch of his signature health club will be a perfect fit for Larry Kestelman’s luxury Capitol Grand Tower in South Yarra, while an under-the-radar facility in nearby Toorak has already sold out.

He is seeking to cash in on surprisingly strong demand from moneyed-up, health-conscious customers who are either divorced from the threat of an economic slowdown or are seeking solace in hi-tech bathing and steam rooms which come with a slice of six-star hotel style service.

Saint Haven quietly confirmed the sellout of its second location in Toorak even ahead of its public launch, with what will be a third location in South Yarra to open registrations in coming weeks.

Mr Gurner claims to have pioneered a combination of “ancient holistic practices, science-backed health programs, world-leading reverse-ageing technologies and personalised five-star service” for which there is a waitlist of more than 15,000 people.

The Toorak club is in the recently completed St Germain building and fronts the well-known Toorak Village.

It will be the first Saint Haven Black Label-level club and only have top tier memberships — akin to credit cards such as Black and Ultimate — which focus on high levels of service, luxury and investment into reverse-ageing technology, in a nod to the suburb’s demographics.

Naturally, bespoke health and wellness plans combining nutrition, empirical data from DNA-testing and blood work, Oura Ring sleep data, supplements and exclusive treatments are offered.

The Toorak and South Yarra clubs will be even more exclusive than the original Collingwood location. Picture: Supplied

The Toorak branch will have personal lockers for members’ favourite organic and natural fragrances, with an overnight washing service and Bentley airport chauffeur service awaiting.

Mr Gurner said while Saint Haven was initially inspired by his own health journey — marked by pre-dawn starts and meditation — the impact Saint Haven has had on members was driving its expansion.

“Many of the treatments and technologies available at Saint Haven are part of my daily life; they have given me the clear mind, mental energy and physical strength necessary to create, grow and lead my business at such a high intensity for many years while tapping into the benefits of recovery, nutrition and restoration,” he said.

As ever, there is an emphasis on ultra-exclusivity, with the Toorak club harder to get into than many of the nightspots which once dotted the suburb.

“There will be a strict one-in-one-out policy and new members will need to be proposed and seconded by current members to ensure the offering remains private and within a circle of like-minded individuals.”

“We wanted to create the Qantas Chairman’s Club equivalent of health and wellness, where members are treated to the utmost impeccable level of personalised service that you can’t get anywhere else,” Mr Gurner said.

He dubbed the South Yarra site a ”true masterpiece” for people to socialise, work and hide from the world in luxury.

Unlike many of the city’s traditional clubs, business is not only allowed to be discussed, but there are office facilities.

The outlet has been in the works for a year, with Mr Kestelman’s LK Group committing to the project with unchecked enthusiasm.

“Two world-leading concepts coming together will create an environment like no other for those looking to enhance their health orientated lifestyle,” Mr Kestelman said.

Proposed as a “sanctuary of wellness” for members, there will be working spaces, but the focus is on breathwork, yoga, reformer pilates and strength and conditioning studios, as well as treatment rooms dedicated to massage and facials by James Vivia.

There is also a signature Ancient Bathhouse with thermal 38-degree magnesium pool and ice baths, tractional sauna, steam room, and an on-site organic wholefoods restaurant and elixir bar.

Members can attend a Fire & Ice class and Sound Bath classes as they unwind to the sounds of gongs and crystal bowls.

The real drawcard is the ‘Haven’, where members can use world leading reverse-ageing technologies such as hyperbaric oxygen chambers and PEMF mats — as used by Tony Robbins.

Other treatments like cryotherapy, sound therapy and red-light therapy — including a NovoTHOR red light bed which retails for $250,000 — alongside access to medical, nutrition, naturopath and massage practitioners are also on site.

The South Yarra location will sport the country’s first SAVA vibro-acoustic sound pod with music and frequencies mixed by Australia’s Nick Littlemore of Empire of the Sun and PNAU. The SAVA is designed to enhance a state of deep relaxation similar to a psychedelic experience, though the clubs urge a more natural style of living.