Architect’s vision for Tasmanian floating hotel

An artist’s impression of the floating hotel on the River Derwent.

A proposed floating hotel for Hobart has been hailed as an innovative approach.

Hobart Not Highrise president Brian Corr says architect Robert Morris-Nunn’s proposal for a floating hotel on the River Derwent near the Regatta Grounds is a brilliant idea.

“It’s somebody thinking laterally, instead of going up you stay down,” Corr says.

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“I think there would be a lot of local support for the idea … Robert Morris-Nunn has a history of doing things well, and doing things properly.”

Hobart City Council Alderman Helen Burnet says she is looking forward to seeing the proposal in detail.

“I think it’s an innovative approach to finding solutions to keep the height down and I look forward to the discussion around the idea,” she says.

Architect Robert Morris-Nunn Tasmania floating hotel

Architect Robert Morris-Nunn. Picture: Mathew Farrell

The hotel would have capacity for about 270 rooms, with potential for more, and restaurants, shops and bars on the ground floor.

Professor Morris-Nunn says the public outcry over two proposed skyscraper hotels for Hobart had led him to develop the floating hotel idea.

“The massive public outcry that has ensued was enough to convince me that I should add my voice as a designer and work to offer a positive alternative,” he says.

Prof Morris-Nunn says he and his team hope to have their plans formally before the Hobart City Council late next month.

This article from The Mercury was originally published as “Architect’s proposed floating hotel hailed as an innovative approach to keeping building heights low”.