Adelaide office’s stunning response to graffiti vandals

Magain Real Estate’s new office mural.
Magain Real Estate’s new office mural.

The team at Magain Real Estate’s Reynella office have found a creative solution to an office graffiti problem.

Fed up with the exterior of their building being tagged, they called in a local artist to repaint what was once a dull beige wall, with a colourful street-art style mural.

You will find it on the corner of Hillier and Sherrifs roads.

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“We’d been graffitied a couple of times and always thought about putting something on there,” sales principal Mike Dobbin says.

“I contacted Morris Green – he’s a South Australian artist and he’s done quite a few (murals).

“He’s a southern suburbs boy – we know the community down here so we knew about him.”

Dobbin says he met Green to talk over mural ideas at the pub and deliberately steered clear of getting him to paint anything too commercial or real estate-focused.

Magain Real Estate Reynella’s new office mural.

Instead the idea was to create a vibrant piece of public art and Green decided on an image of a girl surrounded by plant leaves in vivid pinks, purples and blues.

‘The girl’s glasses have Magain reflected in the image but it’s really a bit of fun,” Dobbin says.

He hopes the mural will deter vandals from tagging the wall in the future and says it seemed to be working so far.

“When people do those big murals they tend not to get graffitied,” he says.

The mural only went up a couple of weeks ago but Dobbin has been happily surprised at the amount of support it has already received from the southern community.

His staff have seen people posing in front of the mural for photos and it has already popped up on several Instagram posts.

Magain Real Estate Reynella’s new office mural.

Dobbin says his parents told him they had been shown a photo of the wall by some of their friends by chance when they were out and about.

“People of all ages love it,” he says.

The mural was also coming in handy as something of a southern suburbs landmark that could be used to describe his office location.

“It’s already happening – people know where we are because of the big picture of the girl,” he said.

Dobbin says he was lucky to have a landlord who appreciated art and was happy for the mural to go ahead.

He hoped other southern suburbs businesses might follow Magain’s lead and find ways to have more murals painted on otherwise dull commercial spaces.

“If more and more people do it and it catches on it would be great.”

This article from The Advertiser originally appeared as “Magain’s Reynella office has come up with a creative graffiti solution”.