5 ways to keep your office warm in winter

We may have sweated through one of the hottest summers on record, but believe it or not winter is on its way.

Soon the challenge in the office will not be how to stay cool but how to keep warm.

So here are our top tips for keeping the office warm, your staff happy and your energy costs down this winter.

1. Keep the heat in

Closing doors and windows in winter may sound obvious but it is one of the best ways to retain heat. Where possible, close doors to unoccupied rooms such as meeting rooms, kitchens, printing rooms and so on.

If you have ceiling fans, make sure the direction of the blades is reversed so they push the warmer air from the ceiling down to the floor.

2. Set your thermostat to 18 degrees

The key to keeping your energy costs down is setting your thermostat to a sensible temperature and keeping it there. Sustainability Victoria recommends that in winter the office thermostat be set at 18oC to 21oC. This provides a comfortable work environment and lets your heating system run efficiently.

Cranking your thermostat up to volcanic heat is a surefire way to burn through energy and will quickly overheat the office.

3. Let the sunshine in

If you are lucky enough to work in an office with blinds and curtains make sure they are opened up to let the sunshine in.  The extra sunlight helps heat the office and makes it much less gloomy for staff. The trick is to close the blinds and curtains as soon as the sun goes down, this will help the building retain some heat overnight.

4. Switch off lights in unoccupied rooms

Turning off room lights and office equipment that isn’t being used is a sensible energy saving practice all year round.  However, when the weather gets dark and wintry the temptation to leave lights on is almost irresistible. If a meeting room isn’t in use, get into the habit of turning off the lights. Installing energy lighting such as LEDs or compact fluorescent lights is a great long-term investment. You can even get energy-efficient halogen lights.

5. Look after your staff

Encourage staff to dress for the colder weather, even if it means relaxing the dress code. Warm clothes will help keep your staff productive and warm.

Many of us commute to and from work in darkness in the winter months. So if the sun is shining encourage people to get out for a breath of fresh air. That little bit of sunshine at lunchtime can make a huge difference to your productivity and mood.