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How-to Tips & Guides on buying, selling, leasing and leasing-out Commercial Property.

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Tips for your commercial property move
If you thought moving house was an experience you never want to endure again, try relocating an office or other commercial property. With furniture, electronics and other equipment for potentially dozens of employees (or more), as …
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The 3 most efficient filing systems for paperwork 
Filing paperwork is a learned skill and not something most people have a lot of experience in. Here are three fool-proof systems to get you started.
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How to: Set up a small business office
Starting your own business is tough, not to mention planning the office to go with it. Here’s some tips to get you started.
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9 types of paperwork you need to throw away
People have a deep-seated fear of throwing away something important, but as a society we’re holding onto a lot of unnecessary paperwork. Follow this guide to find out what you can ditch.
6 steps to avoid issues in your commercial lease
There are no real ‘tricks of the trade’ when managing your commercial property. For the most part, general common sense and an experienced property manager can go a long way for both parties to stay …
Investors: How much rent is right for your building?
Charging the right amount of rent is imperative to get the best return on your commercial property. How do you know the right price?
How to: Make good at the end of your lease
If you’ve decided to relocate your business or end a lease, you need to “make good” the premises before you leave. What does make good mean?
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Zoning: why it matters for commercial property
Zoning is a key ingredient to your commercial property & business success as it tells you how your property can be used.
When is a WALE not a whale?
A WALE – or weighted average lease expiry – is not a marine mammal but a common term in the world of commercial property. But what is it?
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