5 amazing offices from around the world

Is Lego’s headquarters the ultimate office environment?
Is Lego’s headquarters the ultimate office environment?

While much of the world is working from home right now, for millions of office workers around the globe it’s comforting to know that there are some truly incredible office environments to return to once things return to normal.

Where once upon a time offices were purely utilitarian and intended purely to house workers, their desks and the equipment needed to get the job done, today many are a home away from home, with facilities and surroundings more akin to a hotel or a luxury resort than a mundane corporate headquarters.

Here are five amazing offices from around the world.


An overhead view of one of Facebook’s stunning offices.

It doesn’t matter which city you’re in – if you’re working at Facebook your office environment is second to none.

Modern, vibrant and full of a seemingly endless number of perks, such as games, yoga, free lunches and in-house bars, Facebook sets the standard when it comes to aspirational workplaces.


Google’s headquarters in California has some interesting guests.

Where else would you find dinosaurs, giant outdoor chess sets and communal bikes to help you get around an enormous 12-acre office campus?

Google, of course.

The tech giant’s California headquarters is less of an office and more of a suburb, such is the scale of the operation and the sheer number of attractions on offer, in addition to the office spaces that house thousands of employees.


Transurban’s Melbourne office.

When it comes to style, it’s hard to go past road operator Transurban’s Melbourne base.

With swathes of curved glass creating a modern feel while also keeping the entire workspace light and connected, it’s got more than a little bit of ‘wow’ factor.


Trivago’s office in Germany has a rooftop running track.

Office expectations were always going to be high for one of the world’s leading holiday booking websites.

And Trivago rose to the challenge with the design of its Dusseldorf office, which has everything from a fully-equipped gym, to an in-house sushi bar, to a rooftop running track.


Lego’s headquarters in Denmark has inspiration everywhere.

What could be more fun than working in the global headquarters of arguably the world’s most iconic toy brand?

Lego’s head office is almost exactly as you might imagine it would be, with themed levels, bright colours and Lego absolutely everywhere, from the building’s exterior to the fully-built models you’ll find in almost every nook and cranny.

And yes, there’s a Lego play area for all the ‘big kids’ who can’t get enough of those little plastic blocks.