Win a Caribbean resort for just $13

The Casa Cayuco eco-resort at Panama in the Caribbean.

Ever dreamed of living and working in paradise?

An American couple is offering the chance to do exactly that in Panama, and all it’ll cost you is a $13 raffle ticket.

The couple, Dave and Suzanne Smith, have put their eco-resort, Casa Cayuco, up for grabs in a competition that seems almost too good to be true.

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For US$10 ($12.70), you’ll be in the running to win the boutique resort in the tropical Central American destination, in one of the most extraordinary raffles ever.

Raffle resort Caribbean Casa Cayuco

The resort could be yours for the price of a $13 raffle ticket. Picture: Supplied.

The couple set up the villa after moving to Panama five years ago, and it now includes four standalone cabins, a main lodge, two lodge suites and an air-conditioned luxury owner’s suite.

And that’s not all you’ll get if your ticket is drawn out. The British company that is running the raffle is also understood to be offering a $63,000 cash bonus to whoever wins.

A Tour of Casa Cayuco with Current Owners Dave, Suzanne & Mina

Thanks so much to all the people from all over the world who've entered the competition so far. Don't forget to share the competiton with your friends and families – the faster we sell the tickets, the faster we'll be awarding the prize to the winner.We know a lot of people who've bought tickets wanted to get a real taste of life at Casa Cayuco so current owners Dave, Suzanne and the adorable Mina filmed a short video tour at the property for us.

Posted by WinThis.Life on Thursday, 8 February 2018

While most people have little experience in hospitality, and certainly none running accommodation, Dave says in a Facebook post to promote the competition that a lack of experience didn’t stop them when they started out.

“I’m sure tonnes of you guys out there are thinking, ‘what if I win, I have no hospitality experience, I’ve never been to Panama, I don’t speak Spanish,” he says.

Casa Cayuco resort

The resort has four cabins and a main lodge and two lodge suites. Picture: Supplied.

“Well five years ago Suzanne and I moved here with the dream of working together and living in paradise. Neither of us spoke Spanish, we had never been to Panama and we had never worked in hospitality before.”

“So after five years we’ve got this – Casa Cayuco. It’s one of the highest-ranked resorts in Panama right now and we’re super excited to offer this dream up to somebody else.”

Casa Cayuco Caribbean resort raffle Panama

Just another day in paradise. Picture: Supplied.

But whether or not the sales tactic will be a success remains to be seen.

The Facebook video promoting the competition has only had 1700 views since being posted a month ago.