These buildings could be Lego master builds

Lego Masters have come out with some incredible designs. Picture: Channel 9
Lego Masters have come out with some incredible designs. Picture: Channel 9

Channel 9’s new hit TV show, Lego Masters hosted by Hamish Blake, sees some of the most skilled Lego builders in Australia compete for Lego glory and a $100,000 cash prize.

The show has almost come to an end with the grand finale airing Tuesday 14th May with a 28-hour free-build challenge.

No doubt, the contestants are currently drawing up the plans for their final designs.

If they were looking for inspiration, they could look no further than St.Kilda in Melbourne for a piece that will wow the show’s judge, Ryan McNaught.

The Lego Tower

The ‘Lego Tower’ in St Kilda.

Jackson Clements Burrow’s design in Melbourne is an 18-storey tower that looks very similar to something built from Lego.

Located at 6 St.Kilda Road, Lego Tower has sweeping views of Port Philip with six modular structures built on top of the other.

You could actually live in the Lego Tower as several apartments are currently on the market within it including this one-bedroom abode for $428,000.

The Lego House

The Lego House is a building for Lego fanatics to come and see some of the best builds in the business. Picture: Lego House

The Lego House is located in Billund which is the birthplace of Lego in Denmark and looks like it’s made of 21 oversized Lego bricks.

Inside is a variety of dioramas of Legos for visitors to marvel at including a huge waterfall, T-Rexes and a lava-filled volcano.

Linked Hybrid

Linked Hybrid was designed as a fun 21st century answer to urban dwellings. Picture: Getty

The Linked Hybrid by Steven Holl is in Beijing, China and has some Lego Master Building qualities.

The fun colours that feature throughout the building’s architecture and the walkways that link each building together hone in on the Lego aesthetic.

The intention of the design was to veer away from the surrounding sterile urban buildings and to create something with a playful 21st century feel.

North Korea

The architecture in North Korea plays with similar colours to Lego. Picture: Getty

It may be difficult to see these Lego-like buildings in North Korea up close, however, from this picture it’s easy to see the resemblance to some of the designs that can be constructed with Lego.

The use of bright colours and angular structures could serve as good inspiration for one of the contestants on Lego Masters.

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