The movable workspaces that unfurl in 10 minutes

Ten Fold’s structures unfold with the help of a handheld drill.

A UK-based company called Ten Fold Engineering has absolutely flipped moveable living and working on its head with a new development that’s got us all talking. 

The business has launched relocatable buildings that can fold in and out in just 10 minutes at the push of a button on a hand-held battery-powered drill.

Ten Fold applies proven technology in the making of the structures, which are designed to enhance mobility and create ease for home owners.

The structures can be used for everything from a mobile home to an office space, pop-up shop, off-grid cabins, exhibition space or restaurant.

If that’s not wow enough, just wait until you discover the size of the structures. Each one opens out to 64sqm – a whopping three times its transport size.

The price of these versatile units depends on the size, complexity and comfortability, however some units start from $167,000.

As if it weren’t clear already, we’re officially obsessed with transportable homes and prefab living.