Commercial Investment Property Tax

Commercial property and capital gains tax tips and guides to help you manage your commercial property finances, minimise loss and maximise profit and savings.

Depreciation on commercial property – how does it work?
Often providing annual savings that run into the tens of thousands, commercial property depreciation deductions are too good to miss.
Small Business
Small business: Here’s what the tax man is targeting this year
The $20,000 asset write-off will come under intense scrutiny this tax season amid concern some small businesses will try to rort the generous concession.
Tax breaks set to turn up heat in SA market
South Australia’s commercial property market is set to heat up with new legislation likely to make it the nation’s most competitive.
How to: Structure property investment as a company
If you’re researching ways to structure your property investment, have you considered using a company to hold your investment?
Small Business
9 types of paperwork you need to throw away
People have a deep-seated fear of throwing away something important, but as a society we’re holding onto a lot of unnecessary paperwork. Follow this guide to find out what you can ditch.
Building allowance: how 2.5% can become 4%
The 2.5% Building Allowance deduction is something most property investors already know about. However there’s also a 4% Building Allowance available for some buildings. The Building Allowance (sometimes referred to as the Capital Works Deduction) …
Property investment, trusts & tax structure
There are several ways to invest in property. Here’s the tax benefits of holding properties through a discretionary trust structure.
A guide to commercial leases
What are the key things to watch out for with a commercial lease? From fit-out costs to escalation clauses, our expert has the scoop.
Net yield & gross yield – what’s the difference?
Knowing what type of yield is being talked about, and how it was calculated, will make you a much more informed investor.
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