Nerida Conisbee

Commercial property market trends and insights from Nerida Conisbee, Chief Economist at REA Group and one of Australia’s leading property experts.

Lack of ‘distress’ a sign of commercial property strength
A big sign that property markets are heading to a downturn is an increase in the number of listings.
Sydney pub closures see venues ripe for picking
Last drinks have had to be called for good at yet another wave of bars across inner Sydney as dwindling foot traffic forces pub owners to close up shop or relocate.
Medical industry an untapped property goldmine
The popularity of our education sector overseas, particularly from Asian students, has been a huge export success. It is now our number one service export and our third largest overall after iron ore and coal. 
Who benefits most from Budget infrastructure bonanza?
Property and infrastructure are complementary. No one likes congestion, whether you are trying to get to work or move freight.
Budget 2018: What it means for commercial property
Commercial property does well when jobs are created, from the need to house these extra workers (office) to the extra spending more jobs and greater incomes creates (retail).
Commercial property predictions for 2018
Commercial property behaved mostly as expected in 2017.
Is commercial property on the brink of a new paradigm?
The term “new paradigm” makes me nervous.
12-month outlook: What’s in store for commercial property?
While the residential sector is starting to slow, commercial property is moving along its own path.
What Chinese restrictions mean for commercial property
Last week the Chinese Government announced formal guidelines for Chinese companies keen on investing overseas.
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