Not your average day spa

The Strom Nordic Spa in Old Quebec.
The Strom Nordic Spa in Old Quebec.

The edge of a freezing, snow-swept Canadian river wouldn’t normally be the best choice of venue to strip down to your bathers.

But you might reconsider after seeing the Strom Nordic Spa, on the banks of the St. Lawrence River in Old Quebec.

The property was recently announced as the global winner of the “Spa/Spa Hotel” category at the International Hotel and Property Awards, presented by The Design Society.

And it’s not hard to see why.

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Inside one of the pools at the Strom Nordic Spa.

Borrowing its colours from the surrounding landscape, the spa was designed to be minimalist while also maximising its views across the river, according to Strom Nordic Spa president Guillaume Lemoine.

“For the design of each of our establishments, we always make it a point to integrate the architectural approach into the surrounding environment, both from a visual and historical point of view,” Lemoine says.

According to the designers, the steel, stone and glass materials used throughout the spa buildings are a nod to Old Quebec’s maritime history.

In addition to the usual array of body treatments, facials, massage and spa access, the property also has flotation baths and a unique “zerobody” experience on a heated, water-filled mattress.

But it’s the panoramas and the moody subterranean pools that are the $17 million spa’s calling cards, for obvious reasons.

The view from one of the saunas at the Strom Nordic Spa.

The property spans around 32,000 square feet.

The reception area at the Strom Nordic Spa in Old Quebec.