Healesville lolly shop vendors hope for short and sweet sale

The Healesville Candy Emporium is up for grabs and will be sure to get mouths watering.

A sweet opportunity will have buyers acting like a kid in a candy store in the Yarra Ranges.

The Healesville Candy Emporium is sure to get sweet tooths’ mouths watering while providing delicious eye candy for those seeking a new business venture.

How much for the whole shop, you ask? It will cost $90,000, plus the value of the stock to sweeten the deal with a bounty of tasty treats.

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The lolly shop at 203 Maroondah Highway reaps $300,000 in annual sales, and its prominent main street position attracts plenty of tourists, according to Mark Gunther First National agent Gary Lucas.

The candy store at 203 Maroondah Highway, Healesville is on the market for $90,0000 plus the value of the stock.

“It has been established since September 2014 and is a fairly specialised business,” Lucas says.

“It’s in a tourist hotspot and is the only confectionery store in Healesville.”

The candy store offers wall to wall confectionary, lollipops and goods imported from the UK.

It also has a versatile floorplan with multiple storage rooms.

The lolly shop is the only of its kind in Healesville.

Lucas says the business could be a treat for retirees or someone who wants to be their own boss.

“It would be perfect for people looking to retire and get out of the hustle and bustle of their careers,” he says.

“Anyone who is looking to be in charge of their own future.”

Lucas says the vendors, who are selling for health reasons, are hoping for a short and sweet sale.

This article from Leader Newspapers originally appeared as “Healesville Candy Emporium a tasty deal for those with a sweet tooth”.