Family selling large farm along Great Australian Bight coastline

A South Australian farm on nearly 5km of coastline along the Great Australian Bight is for sale. Picture:
A South Australian farm on nearly 5km of coastline along the Great Australian Bight is for sale. Picture:

A farm that stretches along almost 5km of picturesque coastline on the Great Australian Bight is expected to attract significant buyer interest.

The 1117ha farm known as ‘The Block’ runs along Tyringa Beach on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula, and has been owned by the Cash family since the 1980s.

It’s currently used for growing barley and grazing hundreds of sheep, who likely don’t appreciate the amazing coastal views.

The coastline and water of an Eyre Peninsula property.

The 1117ha farm runs along Tyringa Beach and has postcard-perfect views of the Great Australian Bight coastline. Picture:

CBRE Agribusiness agents Phil Schell and Angus Bills expect the property will attract strong interest from investors interested in its cropping and grazing land.

They also suggested glamping could be a future possibility to take advantage of The Block’s stunning views.

“Opportunities to buy freehold coastal land of this quality and scale are few and far between,” Mr Bills said.

“We’re expecting significant interest from investors and land bankers, with the scope to lease the arable land for around $60,000 per annum, while The Block could even lend itself to a glamping-style tourism development.”

Mr Schell said it is a stunning piece of land by anyone’s standards, with postcard-perfect views.

“You could easily picture yourself camping in the sandhills, and spending some carefree days surfing and fishing at Tyringa Beach.”

Cropping land along the coastline of a farm on South Australia's Eyre Peninsula.

The coastal farm known as The Block has barley crops, as well as hundreds of ewes and lambs. Picture:

The Block has about 4.6km of coastal frontage and includes 449ha classed as arable land, which is currently cropped with barley while the existing operation runs 500 ewes with lambs.

Tyringa Road runs through the property, which has its own network of four-wheel drive tracks.

The listing for The Block also includes a smaller property called ‘Chilba’, which has 335ha including 275ha classed as arable. The properties comprise a mix of arable land and native scrub areas, CBRE said.

Families combine to sell Eyre Peninsula farms

Mr Schell and Mr Bills said four local farming families have joined forces to sell a 2695ha aggregation on the Eyre Peninsula, which is expected to generate interest in excess of $12 million.

The five titles cover a mix of arable and grazing land in the Calca, Port Neill and Wanilla districts, which are well known for cropping and livestock operations.

“We’re expecting very strong local interest due to industry confidence in the 2022 season,” Mr Schell said.

“It’s been an outstanding season in the southern Eyre Peninsula, with excellent rainfall early in the year followed by above-average winter rains.

“The aggregation is also bound to appeal to out-of-district buyers seeking scale and diversification and corporate interest.”

An expanse of cropping land on a farm in the Eyre Peninsula.

Four local farming families are selling their cropping and grazing properties, including ‘Coomaba’ and adjoining ‘Neversweat’, on the Eyre Peninsula. Picture:

Mr Bills said the emerging sector of carbon farming could also be in the properties’ future.

“These properties are suited to carbon sequestration, to levels up to eight tonnes per hectare, per annum,” he said.

“We’ve received interest from corporate groups seeking opportunities in this space which is adding another layer to the dynamics of farming in South Australia.”

The largest lot in the aggregation is the 784ha ‘Coomaba’ in Port Neill, of which 665ha is arable land. The adjoining 601ha ‘Neversweat’ has 473ha of arable land.

According to the listing, the vendor consistently runs between 1000 and 1400 ewes across Coomaba and Neversweat.

Aerial view of shearing sheds and yards, a family home and surrounding paddocks of a property on the Eyre Peninsula.

Mixed-farming property Culmara is currently managed as a livestock operation. Picture:

The mixed-farming property ‘Culmara’ in Wanilla has 565ha that are currently used for livestock, with 800 ewes and lambs agisted on the farm. The listing noted select paddocks have previously been sown to cereal crops.

Another mixed-farming property known as ‘Kopatucka’, in Green Patch near Wanilla, is on 409ha, of which 257ha has been sown to canola this year.

Paddocks sown to canola on a mixed-farming property in Green Patch on the Eyre Peninsula.

More than half of the mixed-farming property called ‘Kopatucka’ has been sown to canola this year. Picture:

The agents said the lots in the 2695ha aggregation are available in one line or individually.

The Chilba property, now being marketed with The Block, was the smallest lot included in the aggregation being sold on behalf of the four families.