A modern take on an iconic Melbourne cake shop

The stunning Brunetti shop on Flinders Lane in Melbourne’s CBD.

The name “Brunetti” has been synonymous with cakes, desserts and coffee in Melbourne for more than 30 years.

The store is the gold standard in all things delicious, so when it came time to spark up a new Brunetti outlet, there was little need to reinvent the wheel.

But the brand’s recently-opened emporium on Flinders Lane in Melbourne’s CBD takes the store’s concept to a whole new level.

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Designed by Techne Architecture + Interior Design and fitted out by Schiavello Construction, the cafe’s interior immerses patrons in a culinary experience like few others.

Brunetti emporium Melbourne

The new Brunetti emporium in Melbourne.

While showcasing as much of Brunetti’s fare as possible has always been central to the cafe’s pitch, at the new emporium there’s even less left behind the scenes.

Central to the concept is the open kitchen, which allows you to witness the food’s preparation from almost anywhere in the store, and shines a spotlight on the pastry chefs behind the creations.

“The open kitchen removes the barrier between chef and patron, extending the dining experience to a full sensory one,” Schiavello says.

Brunetti emporium Melbourne

The cafe has been designed to allow you to watch the production process.

There is also a huge suspended wood-fire pizza oven, as well as a 9m cooking bank, with machinery imported from Italy.

What’s not apparent to casual observers is just how much planning and engineering is underpinning the entire space.

“There are construction feats at every corner,” Schiavello says.

Brunetti emporium Melbourne CBD

Brunetti has been a Melbourne staple for more than 30 years.

“Beneath the handmade bespoke tiles lies a meticulous process of prototyping, developing and manufacturing. The sight of the colossal wood-fire oven eclipses the extensive foresight and finesse required to install the piece,”

“The two, two-tonne blocks of marble conceal the lifting gantries, trolleys, skates and road bars needed to delicately manoeuvre the grand blocks to their final resting place.”

The Brunetti design has been shortlisted in the 2018 Australian Interior Design Awards.