Unique chance to put your logo on top of Melbourne building

The signage space atop 222 Kings Way in South Melbourne is available for lease.
The signage space atop 222 Kings Way in South Melbourne is available for lease.

Could your business’ branding replace the Mercedes Benz logos atop this well-known Melbourne office tower?

In one of 2020’s most unique commercial property offerings, the signage rights to the top of the South Melbourne building – currently home to four Mercedes Benz logos – are available to lease.

Spanning four sides and 360 degrees, the top of the 15-level building at 222 Kings Way is viewable from all directions, including from the CityLink motorway, offering huge exposure with tens of thousands of cars passing daily.

With Mercedes’ lease over the signage rights expiring, the high-profile property’s owners are offering the space for the next five years and beyond.

The price tag? Having your logos overlooking Melbourne’s city skyline will set you back $140,000 per annum plus GST.

Key Property Negotiators’ George Georgiou, who is negotiating the signage rights, says it is one of the most unique opportunities he has ever seen.

“In 35 years in commercial property I’ve never come across anything like it,” Georgiou says.

“It’s got 360-degree exposure.”

The signage space is owned by the building’s owners corporation, with each of the 14 floors beneath individually owned.

Georgiou says that while each side of the roof space could potentially be leased individually, the preference is for one company to take all four.

“Ideally someone would take it and advertise their emblem or logo or company on all four, that would be the preference.”