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Buying vs leasing commercial property
Buying commercial property is fraught with complications. You should weigh up the pros and cons of buying and leasing before you rush in.
Commercial property investors feel negative gearing heat
Commercial property investors are likely to suffer if the Federal Government tinkers with negative gearing rules, experts say.
Pros & cons: Investing in commercial property
What are the advantages of investing in commercial property over a residential investment? One of commercial experts breaks it down.
Who’s investing in commercial property?
What attracts investors to commercial property? Lower property prices has resulted in higher yields, and this means a higher financial return for savvy investors. But it’s not for everyone. Read on to find out if you’re the type of person that could benefit from commercial investment.
Small Business
SMSF: using property investment to fund your retirement
The family home is often a way of building a nest-egg for the future. An SMSF can also use property investment to help fund retirement.
Small Business
Small business: what to do when interest rates change
Official interest rate announcements by the RBA generate news articles and analysis. What should small business owners do when rates change?
Small Business
Why official interest rates matter to small business
Official interest rates have an impact on small business owners as they affect the cost of borrowing money & the cost of doing business.
Small Business
Tax deductions: what you can & can’t claim
Your taxable income for the year in relation to the property you own is arrived at by taking your assessable income (typically the rent which you earn) and subtracting from that any deductible costs which …
Small Business
Small business loans: what’s available for small business owners?
Access to extra cash can be vital for small businesses. Whether it’s to help with cash flow or to expand business capacity, there are types of loans to suit all purposes. Here is an overview …
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