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Profit margins a lure for backpacker hostel buyers
Their rates might be from the bargain bin, but a new report says backpackers accommodation and hostels are smart investments.
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7 great habits for working from home
Working from home effectively is totally achievable, you just need to develop some good habits. Develop good practice with these top tips.
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How to: Get work-life balance right
Home offices create a unique set of health and wellness issues. Here are some ways to fight the battle between work and life in your home office.
Cairns hotels in sales frenzy
The Cairns hotel market is riding a wave of success, with a pair of popular hotels the latest to be offered for sale.
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How to: Work from home without losing the plot
Staying on track can be a big issue for at-home workers. Here are a few tips to help you work from home without totally losing the plot.
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How to: Clock off when you work from home 
More Australians than ever are working from home. We’ve put together a few tips to help you separate your work day from your evening.
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Where are Australia’s home offices?
The home office is the main place of work for two million Australians, so which areas are they booming?
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9 things to consider before moving your home office to a commercial space
Working from home can be a dream come true. But as your business grows, you may need to upgrade. Here’s how without losing your sanity.
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How to: Set up web conferencing
Whether you’re working from home or simply meeting with someone in a different location, web conferencing can be your best friend. But how do you set it up?
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