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How to: Structure property investment as a company
If you’re researching ways to structure your property investment, have you considered using a company to hold your investment?
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Easy steps to creating a business plan
The hard part of starting a business isn’t creating a business idea, it’s creating a business plan. Here’s some simple steps to help you.
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4 steps to developing a business plan
Having a business plan is crucial for any company, but how do you make sure it’s the right one? Follow these simple steps to ensure success.
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Buying vs leasing commercial property
Buying commercial property is fraught with complications. You should weigh up the pros and cons of buying and leasing before you rush in.
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9 types of paperwork you need to throw away
People have a deep-seated fear of throwing away something important, but as a society we’re holding onto a lot of unnecessary paperwork. Follow this guide to find out what you can ditch.
Investors: How much rent is right for your building?
Charging the right amount of rent is imperative to get the best return on your commercial property. How do you know the right price?
Yield: what is it & what drives it in commercial real estate?
For anyone considering investing in commercial real estate, one of the first questions you will want to ask is: what return on investment will I get from this property or, in other words, what is …
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What is equity? A guide for small business owners
Equity is one of those words in property investment that is bandied about by many yet understood by relatively few.
Property investment, trusts & tax structure
There are several ways to invest in property. Here’s the tax benefits of holding properties through a discretionary trust structure.
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