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Business budget planning tips, ideas and insights from the experts to help you manage your money and achieve your commercial property goals.

Small Business
Easy steps to creating a business plan
The hard part of starting a business isn’t creating a business idea, it’s creating a business plan. Here’s some simple steps to help you.
Small Business
4 steps to developing a business plan
Having a business plan is crucial for any company, but how do you make sure it’s the right one? Follow these simple steps to ensure success.
Small Business
How to: Set up a small business office
Starting your own business is tough, not to mention planning the office to go with it. Here’s some tips to get you started.
Australian office temperatures stuck in the ’50s
Australian office users are pouring millions of dollars down the drain each year by keeping their air conditioning set at 1950s levels, an expert says.
Small Business
7 steps to creating a business budget
If you don’t have a budget it can be be impossible to get your business ideas off the ground. Here are seven simple steps to creating one.
Inspiration & Style
The 8-week DIY office fit-out
In this three part blog series we reveal how a team of Melbourne colleagues turned an unloved office into a functional and funky workplace.
Buying & Selling
How to: Buy your first factory
Small factories with the right qualities can be a great investment. Here’s six factors to consider when buying your first factory.
Small Business
How to: Dress an office on a budget
Struggling to fit out your new office on the cheap? According to the experts you can get serious bang-for-business-buck on a tiny budget.
Small Business
Taking your website mobile: why it’s critical for small business marketing
Research shows 90% of smartphone users look for local information on their smartphones and 86% take action such as contacting the business or making a purchase.
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