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Commercial real estate investment and commercial property management tips & guides to help with your investment goals.

Top 5 mistakes with commercial property investment
Commercial property investment can be tricky and catch even the most experienced investors unawares. Here’s 5 mistakes to avoid.
Yield: what is it & what drives it in commercial real estate?
For anyone considering investing in commercial real estate, one of the first questions you will want to ask is: what return on investment will I get from this property or, in other words, what is …
Zoning: why it matters for commercial property
Zoning is a key ingredient to your commercial property & business success as it tells you how your property can be used.
Net yield & gross yield – what’s the difference?
Knowing what type of yield is being talked about, and how it was calculated, will make you a much more informed investor.
Industrial property: what is it?
Industrial property is one of the three main asset classes of commercial property. Most of us are familiar with residential real estate, and what it means to invest in it, but not everyone knows a …
Capital gains tax: what it means for commercial property
Capital gains tax is an issue for anyone involved in the commercial property market. Whether you are buying a home for your start-up, expanding your business or selling an investment, CGT is something you will …
Develop or buy? The key childcare question
Childcare is all the rage when it comes to commercial property, with investor interest at peak levels and yields at historic lows. But does it pay to develop, rather than buy?
Low growth and yields a permanent fixture: report
Structural shifts — masked by the financial crisis — are crashing up against market cycles with low growth and low yields likely to be here to stay, according to a report by JLL. This article originally appeared on
Australian backlash forces Chinese into US market
An Australian backlash against Chinese residential property investors has driven some to look to the more open US real estate market, according to a study. This article originally appeared on
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