Fannie Bay yacht shop offers unique business opportunity

KG Young & Associates director Tony Pickering has a beachside business opportunity. Picture: GLENN CAMPBELL
KG Young & Associates director Tony Pickering has a beachside business opportunity. Picture: GLENN CAMPBELL

A beachside business opportunity is on offer for those seeking operate in one of Darwin’s most iconic locations.

1 Atkins Dr, Fannie Bay up for lease for a cool $18,800 per annum plus GST and monthly outgoings.

The property sits beside the Sailing Club and is currently home to the Yacht Shop, which will be relocating.

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KG Young & Associates director Tony Pickering explains the seaside property and land surrounding it is rented from the NT Government in a lease of perpetuity.

“It’s a special purpose lease for the Sailing Club and this property has a specific use, for the retailing of yachting equipment,” he says.

“If somebody came back and said they were restart a yachting shop, no problem, however if they wished to do something different they would have to make an application to town planning.”

To have anything other than a yachting supplies story the leasee would bee to apply to the planning department.

Pickering says the Sailing Club is searching for an unobtrusive tenant to let the 329sqm property.

“It’s got to be something that’s ancillary to the Sailing Club and my thought would be something like a gymnasium,” he says.

“That would be a good activity and the area is suitable internally, it’s airconditioned, it’s got all the required number of toilets and showers.

“It’s perfect, it’s got good parking facilities, internally it’s very well presented.”

Pickering says depending on the type of business which hopes to let it, the NT Government may make the renting process easier.

“The Sailing Club have spoken to the government and the government is very thoughtful of the fact to re-identify another yacht shop would be difficult,” he says.

“They’re going to be considerate of getting another usage rights, providing it can be seen to be complementary to the Sailing Club.”

This article from the NT News originally appeared as “Unique property up for lease: Sail on in for great beachside business”.