6 tips to freshen up your workplace in the New Year

Adding some plants or greenery can make a huge difference at your workplace.

Along with those personal New Year resolutions, the start of a fresh year also offers the chance to change things up around your office or commercial property.

A few simple tweaks and additions can go a long way to improving productivity and creativity among your staff.

COS general manager Belinda Lyone has these simple tips for improving the amenity and the morale around your office as your team approaches 2018.

Provide kitchen snacks

Have you thought of providing breakfast or snacks for your employees? We know that a healthy, nutritious diet can help boost brain power, so why not provide the necessary snacks to help your employees work better in the new year?

New year clean

What better way to start fresh than with a major clean of the office. Have your employees tidy up their desks, throwing away or filing clutter. You could get the carpets cleaned, windows washed and even tidy up that store room. Think about what you can clean to make the office look fresh come the new year.

Snacks fruit office

Providing free snacks is great for staff.


Incorporating greenery into the office has numerous benefits, from making the air cleaner and looking healthier to actually reducing noise and stress. If you already have greenery, think about adding new plants and placing them in strategic places around the office.

Add some colour

Is the paint in the office starting to dull or chip? Or is the white so bright it can be hard to look at? Think about a new colour for the office, whether it be to make it look fresher, or to create a softer, more welcoming environment.

Clean office

A major clean can be a great way to start the new year at your office.

Sit stand desks

Sit to stand desks are a great way of providing choice to your employees. Giving your employees the choice of whether they want to sit or stand to work, will help workplace happiness, as well as productivity and creative thinking.