10 amazing shipping container conversions

The Coffee Box shipping container conversion.

The old shipping container ain’t what she used to be.

Those utilitarian steel boxes are being given a new lease on life, with containers being converted for all manner of uses and purposes in recent years

Port Shipping Containers – just one of the companies fashioning the containers for other commercial uses – has created spaces you’d barely believe were once unglamorous metal tubs.

Here are 10 of the impressive designs, including the Coffee Box cafe (above).

Tough Mudder media centre

Tough mudder shipping container

The Tough Mudder on-site media centre. Source: Port Containers.

Toto bathroom display suite

Toto bathroom display suite

Toto’s bathroom display suite. Source: Port Containers.

Portable swimming pool

Swimming pool shipping container

Shipping containers are now being converted into easily transportable swimming pools. Source: Port Containers.

Juice bar

Juice bar shipping container

One of the containers was turned into a juice bar. Source: Port Containers.

Murray’s Bar

Bar beer shipping container

A pop-up outdoor bar by Port Containers. Source: Port Containers.

Decompression chamber

Decompression chamber shipping container

A decompression chamber was setup to be housed in a shipping container. Source: Port Containers.

The School Locker store

School Locker shipping container

The School Locker’s mobile uniform and school supply store. Source: Port Containers.

Portable cafe

Shipping container cafe

You’d hardly know this cafe began life as a shipping container. Source: Port Containers.

Fire training unit

Fire training shipping container

This shipping container was converted to help train firefighters. Source Port Containers.