This was our most viewed listing in January

Fitness model Charlie de Haas previously ran a cafe from the warehouse. Picture:

Ever wanted to run your own cafe? The rustic warehouse space formerly occupied by the Clean Treats Factory is up for grabs. 

Located on Doody Street in Alexandria, Sydney, the 1261-square-metre vacant property is the ideal spot for a new cafe or restaurant, with high ceilings, exposed brick walls, wooden beams, and a generous supply of cool rooms and food preparation areas.

That said, the property is far from limited to one use.

Coupled with its flexible B6 zoning, the property’s diverse range of spaces means it can be used for pretty much anything – a huge latent potential that goes at least some way towards explaining why the listing was’s most viewed in January 2019.

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23-25 Doody Street, NSW

With wooden beams and rustic flooring, the sun-soaked warehouse has plenty of character. Picture:

Mark Furneaux, director of Alexandria-based Furneaux Property, is managing the sale and lease of the property, which also comes with development approval for a four-storey office building of approximately 2016 square metres.

He told that the property’s high clearance, sandstone walls and three separate garden areas were among the “inspiring, creative and unusual” property’s stand-out features.

“It’s immediately obvious that this is not your standard office warehouse or food production facility, and that’s why we’ve had enquiries of an enormously wide range,” he said.

Some of those enquiries have come from standard office users, food production companies, cafes, restaurants, breweries and distilleries, while others have come from creative agencies, lured in by the prospect of snapping up a Surry Hills-type property in a more affordable, up-and-coming suburb, Furneaux explained.

23-25 Doody Street, NSW

The venue comes with numerous food preparation areas. Picture:

All up, Furneaux estimates that the property could have up to 20 different spaces, depending on where the tenant chooses to have internal walls.

“It could be completely opened up, too,” he said. “So, for a single tenant, you could have a campus-style arrangement, where different companies could be working in different sections.”

23-25 Doody Street, NSW

One of the property’s spaces would make a fantastic yoga studio. Picture:

Fitness model and “clean-eating” entrepreneur Charlie de Haas ran the previous venture, which spanned a cafe, food production area and associated office.

The property was gutted out following the cafe’s closure at the end of 2018, but a handful of charming, black rattan pedants remain in the space where customers previously dined on brightly coloured superfood bowls and other health-conscious treats.

The character buildings are available for lease or sale, either together as a 1261-square-metre property, or individually. 23 Doody Street spans 544 square metres; 25 Doody Street, 717.

23-25 Doody Street, NSW

Estimated to have been built in the 1940s, one half of the property was once home to antique dealer Howell and Howell. Picture: