Spacely cancellation policy.

Cancellation Policy

This policy sets out the rules for booking cancellations and modifications by Space Seekers and Space Managers.

1. Cancellations by a Space Seeker

1.1. A Space Seeker may cancel a booking, for any reason, up to two clear business days before the booking start time and will receive a full refund, less any transaction charges imposed by a third party (eg their bank).

1.2. If a Space Seeker cancels a booking after this time, they will not receive any refund.

1.3. A Space Seeker may request a cancellation by contacting the Spacely support team at We will respond to advise the Space Seeker that their request has been received.

1.4. On receiving a cancellation request from a Space Seeker, we will inform the Space Manager by email and/or phone.

1.5. Where a Space Seeker is entitled to a refund, we will process the refund within five business days in accordance with the Payment Terms.

2. Cancellations by a Space Manager

2.1. If a booking made by a Space Seeker cannot be honoured by a Space Manager, the Space Manager must make all reasonable efforts to offer an alternative Space to the Space Seeker on equal or better terms than the original booking. The Space Manager must communicate this offer to the Space Seeker a reasonable period before commencement of the original booking. If the Space Manager cannot offer an alternative space, the Space Manager must cancel the booking in accordance with this policy.

2.2. A Space Manager may request a cancellation by contacting the Spacely support team at The Space Manager must provide a reason for the cancellation. We will respond within one business day to advise the Space Manager that their request has been received.

2.3. On receiving a request for cancellation from a Space Manager, we will inform the Space Seeker by email and/or phone.

2.4. In the event that a Space Manager requests to cancel a booking, the full amount of the booking will be refunded to the Space Seeker, within five business days. The refund may be subject to transaction charges imposed by a third party (for example, fees imposed by the Space Seeker’s bank).

2.5. We may also:

2.5.1. impose a reasonable service fee on the Space Manager that reflects the amount of the booking fee due to us had the booking not been cancelled; and/or

2.5.2. take other reasonable action in respect of a Space Manager, such as removing the Space Manager’s ‘Verified user’ badge, or suspending or terminating the Space Manager’s account in accordance with the Spacely Terms and Conditions.

2.6. We will take into account the reasons for the cancellation, and any other relevant behaviour of the Space Manager, when determining appropriate reasonable action. ‘Other relevant behaviour’ includes, for example, the number of times the Space Manager has made cancellations or modifications in the past, whether the cancellation or modification was reasonably avoidable, and any other dispute or disciplinary issue involving the parties.

3. General

3.1. In certain circumstances we may, in our discretion and acting reasonably, cancel a booking and make decisions in relation to refunding payments. We will do this where we reasonably believe it is necessary to avoid harm to a person or property, uphold the quality and reputation of the Platform or otherwise in accordance with the Spacely Terms and Conditions. Where we do this, we will inform the parties by email and/or phone.

3.2. A 'clear business day' for the purposes of this policy means a calendar day starting at midnight in the morning of a day that is Monday-Friday and not recognised as a public holiday in the state of the booked space. For bookings shorter than one day, the first clear business day is the day before the start time of the booking.

3.3. Any dispute with respect to a booking modification or cancellation will be dealt with in accordance with the disputes process set out in the Spacely Terms and Conditions.

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