Granya Hotel publicans list jet ski pub, farm stay on Lake Hume

DALLINGER to DO Granya Hotel

Gary Paxton and his partner, Bridget Bowe, have been forced to kiss their pub and farm stay dreams goodbye on the banks of Lake Hume. Picture: Simon Dallinger

The devastated publicans behind what is believed to be the only Victorian hotel where you can arrive by jet ski are selling the watering hole and the farm stay they added to it.

Gary Paxton and Bridget Bowe bought the Granya Hotel last year, intent on reviving the pub that traded on the shores of Lake Hume from 1928 to the 1970s before becoming a drug rehab centre.

They’ve also raised a small menagerie of farm animals at the 3100 Murray River Rd, Granya, property.

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“We opened up in early November (last year) and during summer, we were getting groups of jet ski riders who had come up from Melbourne and regional Victoria,” Mr Paxton said.

“They’d ride up to us for lunch. One afternoon we had about 35 boys come up from the water.”

But with successive lockdowns, the pair have had the doors open for less than five months, even as venues on the New South Wales side of the water were able to continue trading.

DALLINGER to DO Granya Hotel

Mr Paxton and Ms Bowe with their animals at the farm stay. Picture: Simon Dallinger

DALLINGER to DO Granya Hotel

The pair have made the hard decision to sell after spending most of the past year grappling with lockdowns. Picture: Simon Dallinger

“I’m about 50m from the water and I’m looking at NSW over the beer garden,” he said.

“Had we been open all the time, I have no doubt the trade at the place would have been skyrocketing.”

But despite leaving his plans behind, it’s knowing he and his partner will have to give up the animals they raised for the attached farm stay that is most devastating.

“There are three alpacas, three sheep, the two mini horses and a couple of mini Herefords that wander around the property,” Mr Paxton said.

“We’d just grab the buggy and some hay and let kids feed all the animals. And losing that’s going to be the killer.”

DALLINGER to DO Granya Hotel

The farm stay cottages were both renovated by the pair. Picture: Simon Dallinger

DALLINGER to DO Granya Hotel

The hotel is set up with a bar and dining space, plus has a beer garden outside that was frequented by guests arriving via Lake Hume. Picture: Simon Dallinger

The Granya was Mr Paxton’s 15th licensed venue, and the pair have already spent more than $200,000 renovating and renewing the 2.02ha property, using the various lockdowns to complete a long list of renovations they had expected to tackle over the next three years.

“With what I have been putting up with in the last 18 months, I’m just about done with pubs,” Mr Paxton said.

“And there are others putting the keys on the bench and walking out, too.”

3100 Murray River Rd, Granya - for herald sun real estate

3100 Murray River Rd, Granya, was first established as a pub in 1928.

3100 Murray River Rd, Granya - for herald sun real estate

The 2ha property is just across the road from the banks of Lake Hume.

Normally able to accommodate up to 44 people, the combined hotel and farm stay are heavily constrained by restrictions.

Trading limits on the pub left them with no choice but to let their staff and chef go, and put the 93-year-old pub complete with a bar, beer garden, dining room and commercial kitchen on the market.

It includes a three-bedroom main residence attached to the pub, two renovated cottages, a wood-fired jacuzzi, animal shelters, vegetable gardens, shedding and rainwater tanks.

3100 Murray River Rd, Granya - for herald sun real estate

Impressive rural views greet the farm stay guests each morning.

3100 Murray River Rd, Granya - for herald sun real estate

Guests can also relax in a wood-fired jacuzzi.

Brian Unthank Real Estate’s Bart Hanrahan said the property was expected to sell for about $1.2m and had attracted interest from people in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra looking for a tree change or an investment.

“It’s only very rarely that you see something like this,” Mr Hanrahan said.

“I’ve never added a miniature horse in a sale.

“And it’s a great spot for a beer, with unreal views of the weir.”

Expressions of interest close on October 15.

3100 Murray River Rd, Granya - for herald sun real estate

The residence attached to the pub offers a comfortable space to relax in between drinks.

DALLINGER to DO Granya Hotel

Across the water, the NSW side of the weir has enjoyed comparatively greater freedoms for the hospitality industry over the past 18 months. Picture: Simon Dallinger.

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