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  • Square Real Estate Queensland

    L11/100 Edward Street

    Brisbane, QLD 4000

  • Caden Office Leasing - Brisbane City

    Level 5, 40 Creek Street

    Brisbane city, QLD 4000

    Established in 2014, Caden Office Leasing is Brisbane's first independent office leasing business, working in partnership with building owners and developers. Caden's clients are provided with a level of strategic preparation and innovation for the leasing of their properties that is unrivalled within the industry. Our courage to ignore consensus when our own data and foresight is contrary to the swell of the crowd is elevating our clients from participants to winners in a fiercely competitive market. Caden's vision is to provide our clients with the best operators in the industry whilst maintaining a culture of customer service excellence. Caden is the partnership that works.

  • Agency HQ - Queensland

    L 28, 10 Eagle Street

    Brisbane city, QLD 4000

  • Hospitality Consultants & Sales - BRISBANE CITY

    UNIT 133, 420 QUEEN

    Brisbane city, QLD 4000

    H C & S provides the guidance and advice necessary to facilitate Freehold and Leasehold acquisitions of Hotels / Motels, Businesses and Accommodation Complexes. Specialising in: Market Trends & Advisory Appraisals Superannuation Funds Valuations Finance Advisory & Assistance Hospitality Staffing P L Crowley, has experienced over 40 years of successful Commercial Real Estate trading throughout Africa, the UK and Australia. He maintains a sound professional knowledge of the Auctioneers & Agents Act as well as Acts pertaining to International operations such as: Real Property Act Property Law Act Building Units & Group Titles Act Land Sales Act Residential Tenancies Act

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  • Economic Development Queensland - Queensland

    1 William Street

    Brisbane city, QLD 4000

    Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) is a unique government agency that promotes industrial development across Queensland. We create opportunities by opening up and de-risking land for industrial development, selling it at market price. We understand that large-scale development is complex and offer contracts that allow you to make a thoroughly informed decision to purchase. Plus, we give you the security of having the land exclusively secured for the duration of your application and approvals process. EDQ has over 18 industrial land locations throughout QLD accommodating a range of industrial uses such as: manufacturing, food production, energy and renewables, and more.

  • j-Corp commercial - BRISBANE CITY

    Suite 2 450 George Street

    Brisbane city, QLD 4000

  • Sibream - BRISBANE CITY

    1 Eagle Street, L 34 Waterfront Place

    Brisbane city, QLD 4000

  • Quantuna - BRISBANE CITY

    Level 25, 240 Queen Street

    Brisbane city, QLD 4000

  • Indus Property Group

    Level 4/120 Edward Street

    Brisbane city, QLD 4000

  • Sentinel Property Group - Brisbane

    Level 16, 260 Queen St

    Brisbane city, QLD 4000

  • Agency HQ - Queensland

    Suite 28A, 10 Eagle Street

    Brisbane city, QLD 4000

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