Hills Central First National Commercial - CASTLE HILL
Zartosht Sundal

Zartosht Sundal

Commercial Sales & Leasing Associate at Hills Central First National Commercial - CASTLE HILL

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About Zartosht Sundal

Zartosht hails from a family with a rich history of building and property development.

He has a genuine passion for working with people and businesses, seeking to seamlessly blend functionality, aesthetics, and innovation.

Zartosht is extremely motivated and eager to make a positive impact on the Commercial Real Estate Industry by bringing in a new way of thinking he is committed to develop in the industry.

His positive attitude and a growing mindset is quickly building him a great client base. Zartosht’s thrill of turning visions into reality and dedication to delivering an outstanding service is bound to produce him exceptional results. Collaboration lies at the heart of his approach.

Whether working with buyers, sellers, developers, or fellow professionals, Zartosht is dedicated to forging partnerships that drive success.

Hills Central First National Commercial - CASTLE HILL

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