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Troy Holloway

Commercial Agent at One Agency South - FREMANTLE

25 years experience

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25 years experience

Having a personal love for real estate as a young man, I purchased my first residential venture back some 25 years ago. Okay, it was only a little 1 bedroom unit in a huge complex on East Street, Fremantle, but like anything, it was a start and I remember Dad saying “You are paying too much son”, and back then as it is still is now, $75,000 is a lot of money for a young guy with two bob to his name and getting a huge wage package of $316 per week.

So next comes the year 1999 and in my wisdom I thought to myself, I think real estate is for me and off to real estate training I went and back then it was held at the TAFE Centre in East Perth and held over 4 weeks. I still remember the class and the Lecturer one day saying to a room full of excited young and old students that out of the 100 people here today that only 2% of the class will still be in the industry in 3 to 5 years’ time. And how true he was. I look back now some 18 years on and out of that group, it is me and another lady who has her own agency in Cottesloe still in the industry, we catch up once in a blue moon and still have a laugh.

So my first ten years went from working nine to five, to working every day of the week, just to make a dollar and my first year as a greenhorn in the game, I made a massive $11,260 dollars. I remember having to move back into Mum’s out the back room just to make ends meet. We still laugh about that each Christmas with Mum, Dad and the five sisters and all the rest of the crew.

So the ten years flew by and by then I was making a decent wage, thank gosh my Mum said as she happily had me move on after my one year back at home. It was then I thought there must be more I can achieve out of real estate, so I looked for extra training and this came in the way of completing my REIWA Agency Triennial Certificate and this would come in good stead if I ever wished or were required to run my own agency.

When I was taking on that training in a REIWA course set up over some 6 months, the Training Management Group of REIWA approached me and asked if at all I would be interested in becoming a Lecturer for them at REIWA. They obviously seen something in me that I couldn’t. So like my Granddad always said “Don’t be scared of the unknown young man, simply call it an opportunity”, so off for more training in the way of acquiring a Cert IV in Training and Assessment.

By this time I was on a run and gained so much confidence from the training of some 50 to 100 people at times, I thought don’t stop there Troy, and the next thing I knew, I was applying for an Auctioneer License and holding Auctions every 2 to 4 weeks for mainly at the time Government Departments from the Public Prosecutors to the Public Trustees. I still call auctions regularly in Real Estate and also for organisations when they ask, for many different charities.

And you guessed it that still wasn’t enough, so I ventured into the world of Commercial Selling and Leasing and didn’t that open my eyes. Having managed at any given times some 30 to 40 properties and now lecturing and still passing on my knowledge to others in the way of `Introduction to Managing Commercial Properties’ for REIWA at least once a month, gives me great pride to have a class full of peers so grateful of the time and effort I put into each class and each one of them thank me greatly and every now and again one or 2 students will pick my brains weeks and months later by the way of a call or an email.

It’s been great telling you my real state story and if there is any way I can assist you in yours, please always feel free to drop me a line.

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