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Melissa Bell

Melissa Bell

Property Consultant at Noble Knight Real Estate Pty Ltd

About Melissa Bell

Melissa’s passion for property, interior design and renovating complements her drive to help you find your perfect ‘new home’ in the Yarra Valley. Herself a long-term Yarra Glen resident, Melissa’s local knowledge and history of working with horses and on large acreage (in her youth), will have you captivated because she understands the importance of buying the right property to suit you and your lifestyle, and the benefits of what the area has to offer. As well as a track record of over eleven years in real estate, Melissa also has experience in conveyancing and law. She’s all about making you feel at ease, with a warm and friendly approach.

“I usually find that most of my clients are around my age, and that makes for really comfortable conversations about what a couple, a young family, or any other buyer is after – especially in circumstances where the real estate market closer to Melbourne has a booming price point. Affordability in the Yarra Valley is achievable, although, realistically, not every person will succeed in purchasing the first property they decide on. But, I’m a firm believer in saying ‘what will be will be’. It’s always my mantra to give people assurance that a suitable home for them will materialise, for all the right reasons, and it’s my job to ensure that all of the dots are connected for a winning buying and selling experience for everyone concerned.”

Melissa cares deeply about working for a great team that prides itself on being customer-focused, knowledgeable and able to demonstrate that their reputation for excellence is well-deserved. She’ll be there with you all the way, to navigate through everything to do with buying and/or selling, no matter what.

Make the call, talk to Melissa, and see for yourself how her approach to real estate is truly a breath of fresh air. And find out why Noble Knight Real Estate is the most respected property handler in the business.

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