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Makayla Ketterer

Makayla Ketterer

Department Manager - Property Management at DCK Real Estate - Bendigo

About Makayla Ketterer

Makayla’s journey with DCK demonstrates what can be achieved when you are prepared to work hard to achieve your goals. Supporting our Property Management team to provide professional service to all our clients the key values to underpin Makayla’s supportive approach is believing in her team and encouraging them to create positive experiences and celebrating the wins along the way.

Away from work, Makayla loves spending time with her family, Husband Aiden and two daughters Freya and Daisy. They enjoy spending time together creating very special memories at home, away on holidays and on the stage for dancing. Cherishing all the special moments a young family life gives.

Makayla Ketterer - Director / Department Manager - Residential Property Management


  • Director
  • Department Manager - Residential Property Management
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