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About Eliza Nardone

With a heart for homes and a head for business, Eliza Nardone began her real estate career in 2009 as a spirited receptionist, evolving into a dedicated Property Manager at Cutcliffe Properties.

At the heart of Eliza's success are her endearing personality traits - she is upbeat, compassionate, grounded, empathetic, and reliable. Her passion lies in the human side of real estate, where she consistently offers clients an approachable and friendly face, be it at open homes, routine inspections, or lease signings.

The diversity of ages and perspectives within Eliza's team is something she highly values, viewing it as their unique advantage. This blend of experiences fosters continued learning and collaboration, ultimately elevating the quality of their services and setting them apart in the industry.

Eliza holds a special bond to the Hills region, mainly Box Hill, having witnessed its transformation from the construction of its first home to its present landscape. Outside work, she cherishes quality time with her husband and two babies, demonstrating her dedication to family and community values that deeply influence her professional life.

Cutcliffe Properties - DURAL | NTH RICHMOND | MULGRAVE

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