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Donna Edwards

Donna Edwards

Commercial Property Manager at McFarlane Real Estate - Newcastle & Lake Macquarie Regions

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About Donna Edwards

Donna is our dedicated Commercial Property Manager at McFarlane Real Estate who brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the dynamic world of Property, Facilities, and Asset Management. With a career spanning numerous years across various corporate roles within Commercial, Retail, Not for Profit, and Banking sectors, Donna is a seasoned professional committed to delivering exceptional service.

With a strong focus on compliance and accuracy, Donna ensures that every detail is meticulously attended to, contributing to the maximization of competitive terms for our clients. Her dedication to excellence is not only evident in her work ethic but also in her unwavering commitment to building and maintaining solid relationships with both landlords and tenants. Donna understands the importance of trust and open communication in the real estate industry, and she makes it a priority to foster these vital connections.

Donna's professionalism shines through in her high level of attention to detail and her unwavering focus on customer satisfaction. She is a key contributor to the success of the McFarlane Real Estate team, and her dedication to the job is an invaluable asset.

Outside of her professional life, Donna enjoys a fulfilling and balanced personal life. She shares her life with her husband and daughters and has a cherished circle of friends. She actively engages in a vibrant social life, frequently attending concerts, local theatre productions, sporting events, and trivia nights with her family and friends.

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