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Brooke Wills

Brooke Wills

Property Manager & LREA at Cutcliffe Properties - DURAL | NTH RICHMOND | MULGRAVE

3 years experience

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3 years experience

Brooke Wills is a dedicated Property Manager who began her career in real estate in 2021. Her innate interest in real estate sparked her interest in the industry, becoming only more fueled by her enjoyment of helping others achieve their property goals.

Due to her determined and approachable nature, Brooke has quickly found great success in her role. She recalls leasing her first property as a profoundly fulfilling experience, witnessing the owner’s satisfaction and the excitement of the new tenants. Having now experienced this privilege many times over, it remains her favourite aspect of the job.

Sharing Cutcliffe’s outstanding work ethic, Brooke credits her collaborative team, who encourage and aid one another to provide first class service, demonstrating that this can make all the difference.

With a genuine love for the Hills District, Brooke also praises the welcoming community, fulfilling lifestyle, and diverse properties of the region. She is eager to further her professional development to continue providing a positive impact on the place she proudly calls home.

Cutcliffe Properties - DURAL | NTH RICHMOND | MULGRAVE

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