LJ Hooker Commercial - Adelaide

LJ Hooker Commercial - Adelaide

2A Portrush Rd, PAYNEHAM, SA 5070

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image of Claude Buccella

Claude Buccella

image of Mario Bonomi

Mario Bonomi

image of Rino Pancione

Rino Pancione

image of Andrew Forte

Andrew Forte

Commercial Property Manager
image of Anthony Clemente

Anthony Clemente

Commercial Sales & Leasing
image of David Scalamera

David Scalamera

Sales Representative
image of Fendi Klementou

Fendi Klementou

Commercial Sales & Leasing
image of Harry Pantzikas

Harry Pantzikas

Commercial Property Investment Management
image of Julian Rullo

Julian Rullo

Sales Consultant
image of Kay Morris

Kay Morris

Sales Consultant
image of Kofi Adih

Kofi Adih

Sales & Leasing Manager
image of Mark Brus

Mark Brus

Sales Consultant

About the agency

The team at LJ Hooker Commercial Adelaide has over 75 years of experience with commercial transactions. Our record of success encompasses the largest property transactions down to the smallest sales, leasing and business negotiations. Our team of professionals provide market leading knowledge, insight and experience to help clients make informed real estate decisions. Our focus is client driven as we do not exist without our clients. We take pride in everything we do.
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LJ Hooker Commercial - Adelaide

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